Through my personal experiences of growing up in an immigrant family, I am able to identify the struggles and tribulations that minority populations and cultures face on a daily basis. Through my lived experiences, I have seen, felt, heard, and recognized the generational trauma that is associated with persons of color and Asian Pacific Islanders. Through my work as an advocate for mental health in my community, I have learned the necessary tools in addressing the stigma placed on mental illness. My work as a bilingual mental health clinician and advocate has promoted my learning about various cultures and identities in the Bay Area community. Through my work with individuals, families, and groups in the community, I have also learned techniques in providing care for the youth and their families with education and case management by involving all systems involved. Aside from providing therapeutic services to the community, my mission is to pyschoeducate marginalized populations about mental illness and offering them support that will further allow them to destigmatize their perception revolving mental illness. I also believe that with education, we can begin creating pathways for individuals, families, and communities to begin their healing process and connect as a whole.